Guiltless pleasure 

Finding little sparkles in life helps me make every day enjoyable.  Today my sparkles are: a fun chat with my kiddo to kick off the day, watching a funny video of my niece, my morning coffee in my new “Good Morning Gorgeous mug (FabFitFun), organizing my Bible study curriculum in a cute binder (left over from the kids old no longer used school supplies), a cozy blanket scarf (FabFitFun), writing with my favorite pens, a little scalp massage ($1 Christmas find) between sessions to elicit calming feelings,  and a mid-morning treat (Holton Hotspot) of my favorite coffee and scone (a poorly kept secret that has become a rare delicacy because my big mouth shares too much about great things sometimes 😉).

Being happy is a choice we make each day.  Intentionally inserting happy-making-sparkles is an easy way to create the daily life you want.  Choose to create happiness today!


Happiness is the daily steps you take to bring a smile to your face; Joy is the soul filling belief that brings a smile to your heart.






This is my annual week of business re-vamping and self-care.  Inevitably, as the week approaches in the days before Christmas, I will feel guilty and begin thinking maybe I am giving myself too much time off.  I will then debate with myself over the week about whether or not I’m doing enough business revamping to “earn” the self-care time. 

 This week I am reminded that time for self-care and filling is absolutely necessary.  As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup.  This is important for me to remember as my profession is a helping one.  Without that though it is critical for all of us as a spouse, parent, family member, friend, and/or employee to ensure that we are full kettles so that we can better pour encouragement and love into those we care for. My next thought becomes whether or not this idea of taking care of self first is what Jesus would tell me to do.  I go to His word and find reassurance that Jesus himself instructed his disciples to ensure that they took care of themselves.  That settles it then.  Jesus said and I will do it.  I will be intentional with going off to a quiet place to rest for a while.  I hope you all will take this time too.  

Sparkle on! 

Jess ✨